In 1991 my mother suffered a severe stroke. I began sewing aprons and clothing adaptations for her. In 2001, I made a bag for my mother’s wheelchair using two inexpensive placemats. When she first saw the bag, she exclaimed, “Pretty!” This wouldn’t be a ground-breaking revelation, except for the fact my mother was able to speak only once in a great while when she felt very strongly about something. 

 The experience with that initial bag led me to an important realization. Lots of pretty, inexpensive, and helpful items can be made from simple kitchen/table linens that are available to everyone, whether we live in rural areas or big cities! Hence, the concept of turning kitchen linens into accessories and comfort items for the elderly and the disabled was born.

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Easy to follow plans! Many different designs! Useful and attractive! Additional plans soon!

Our Philosophy

 With a caregiver population of 40 million plus we wanted to look at the needs of the millions of those requiring care and those who are giving the care. We at The Creative Caregiver hope to make life easier for those with special needs and we want to make life brighter with lots of cheery fabric and other creative materials. It is our hope that these patterns will be only a basic inspiration for some fabulous projects. Often times people who have special needs are in institutional settings which are often sparse in appearance, and they use mobility equipment that is best described as "functional". We hope to offer ideas in order to add a touch of personality.

 Along with color and creativity, we hope to initiate a circle of sharing and caring. It is our desire that the maker of the item gains as much pleasure from creating the item as the recipient gets from receiving it and using it. If the maker is the person who will use it, we hope that this person will enjoy the compliments given by those viewing his or her artistic interpretation of these patterns and projects.

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